I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who talked about how, today, it’s so difficult to get away from all the voices trying to capture our time and attention.

It used to be, if your rotary phone rang, you could decide to either answer or let it ring, and you couldn’t take it home with you after hours.

(Imagine how I felt when my twenty-five year old niece had to refer to Google to find out what a rotary phone was…)

Today, it’s much more difficult to get away from all the voices trying to capture your time and attention.

Most of us have our smartphones on us at all times, so we can always be reached through text, email, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram… the list goes on!

Being so easily accessible to the world means we are presented with endless opportunities and decisions, and it often blurs the line between work and rest.

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are a busy professional with both work responsibilities and personal commitments which require your attention, heart and focus.

How do we stay grounded when we are being pulled in fifty different directions? Where do we begin when we realize it’s time to declutter and refocus our lives?

More and more, I am convinced that the answer to these questions – and one of the central foundations for a life defined by balance, peace and purpose is: simplicity.

The word simplicity is defined as: the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.

How many can raise our hands and say, “Yes, my life is characterized by simplicity!”

Not many of us… yet.

This month, our focus on the Success & Sanity blog is – you guessed it – simplicity.

My team and I want you to be equipped with what you need in order to simplify. Over the month of April we are going to be talking about:

Signs it’s time to simplify your life,

Advantages of simplifying,

And practical ways to simplify.

As we move forward in growth and success, I’m convinced that simplicity is key to our personal and professional happiness.

As a recovering over-committer, simplicity is something I have been trying to put into practice much more in recent years. As I share, I invite you to share your experiences in the comments section along the way.
I’m excited to continue this journey with you!