Troy Korsgaden was born and raised in Visalia, CA. An avid musician, he moved to Los Angeles as a young man to pursue a career in music. When this venture hit a dead end, Troy returned to his hometown where he founded what is now known as Korsgaden/Jansma Insurance Agency.

During his early years as an Insurance Agent, Troy experienced the highs – and many lows – that come with being a business owner. As a result, he began designing and implementing systems which increased his Agency’s profits and enabled his staff to perform at their highest capacity. The Insurance industry began to take notice, and Troy soon began consulting with other agents and major Insurance carriers across the United States.

Though he continued to experience unprecedented professional success, Troy admits the journey was far from perfect. He eventually realized his success had come at the sacrifice of some of life’s most valuable gifts: family relationships, friendships, peace – and even his own health. Troy began taking a good, hard look at his life and realized something needed to change.

Success & Sanity, Troy’s fifth book, is an honest reflection of what it means to have it all – and lose what matters most. More than anything, it is a guide for those who are looking for the road back home.

Troy is quick to admit he doesn’t have it all figured out, but his journey forward is an encouragement to those who are seeking a life characterized by balance, peace and purpose.